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Panasonic Pakistan

Founded in 1918, Panasonic is amongst the largest producers of electronic products in Japan. It was initially known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd but the company changed its name in 2008 to Panasonic. This was done to conform with the company’s global brand name “Panasonic”.

Panasonic’s Automotive Systems are inclusive of equipment such as navigation modules, headunits and speakers. The company is a subcontractor to renowned automotive manufacturers such as General Motors and Volkswagen.
Panasonic Avionic Corporations supplies inflight entertainment and communication systems and it has employed more than 3,000 employees in facilities based in London, Hamburg, Dallas, Toulouse and Singapore.

Panasonic Mobile Communications manufactures and provides mobile phone equipment and other products of the sort.
In addition to this the company produces appliances such as microwave ovens, lithium batteries, Blue-Ray Disks, PABXs, air-conditioners, Panasonic plasma displays and cameras.

Mansha Brothers has, since long, been a distributor and provider of Panasonic’s products in Pakistan.
We have provided companies involved in different industries with Panasonic’s PABXs, air-conditioners, fax machines and surveillance equipment within the region.

Several law enforcement agencies, hospitals, institutions, corporations and households purchase and utilize these products from Panasonic’s sole distributors within Pakistan.