Upgraded means of communication at Allied Bank due to PABXs. - Connect, Secure & AutomateConnect, Secure & Automate

A Tech Startup by Mansha Brothers

Being one of the leading and prevailing bank in Pakistan, Allied Bank was in need of an effective communication system. Communication was becoming difficult due to the size and scale of the bank.

Allied Bank started out in Lahore by the name Australasia Bank before independence of Pakistan in 1942; and became Allied Bank of Pakistan in 1974.

In August 2004, since the capital re-establishment, the Bank’s possession was transmitted to a group involving Ibrahim Group; therefore, it was retitled as Allied Bank Limited in 2005.

Today, with its presence of over 75 years, the Bank has made itself a base with a strong justness, resources and pledge base. It proposes widespread banking services, while placing chief accent on retail banking. The Bank has a large network of over 1250 online branches and ATMs in Pakistan and deals in numerous technology-based products and amenities to its various clients.

Their mission is to:

  • Deliver value-added services to its clients.
  • Deliver high-tech innovative solutions to meet customers’ requirements.
  • Create viable value through progress, effectiveness and variety for all stakeholders.
  • Play an active role in paying towards the society.

All in all, the staff in the bank is capable to interconnect in an effective way and at lesser budget with the PABXs provided by Mansha Brothers.

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