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The main cause of concern for the school was the increase in temperatures during the summers. This affected the school’s faculty’s productivity and the medical college was incurring unnecessary costs, too. In addition to this teachers and students often complained about the ever-increasing temperatures, during the summer.

Mansha Solar provided the college with solar power panels, which proved to be advantageous and beneficial to the college, in the following ways:

  • Since reliance upon the tradition grid system was reduced, the college was able to save a large sum of money on electricity costs and bills.
  • Power outages and load shedding do not affect the college because it is provided with a constant supply of energy.
  • Electricity is produced free of charge and costs, due to dependence upon a more reliable source of energy- the sun.

"Very good and professional team at Mansha Brothers. They have provided us with a solution that has helped the school in so many ways - thank you Mansha Brothers. "

Dr. Abdul Tawwab Khan - President Rising Sun

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