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A Tech Startup by Mansha Brothers

Communicating with employees and staff workers, in times of power outages and crises, was becoming difficult for the power company. Calls from affected residential and commercial areas added to the communication problems because the company was not able to handle so many calls at the same time.

Mansha Brothers’ PABXs improved the communication and managements system, considerably:

  • Call waiting has made it easier to handle and switch calls.
  • Call blocking has enabled the company to deal with prank calls and disruptions.
  • The automatic ring back feature enables the company to call organizations and individuals when their lines are free.

The company can deal with inefficiencies, delays, power outages and crises, which cause such outages, effectively.

"I did face a few problems with the PABX, but the way Mansha Brothers dealt with my queries, was just too good. The turn-around time was also very good. "

Amjad Hayee - IT KAPCO

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