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A Tech Startup by Mansha Brothers

Connecting with staff and workers, in times of power outages and catastrophes, was becoming challenging for Mobilink. Calls from affected housing and commercial areas further added to the communication problems because the company was incapable of handling so many calls at the same time.

Mansha Brothers’ PABXs improved the communication and managements system, considerably.

Mobilink/Jazz is Pakistan’s prominent telecom service provider, leading service quality and product revolution in the country. With a subscriber base above 50 million and an existence of more than 20 years, Jazz preserves market leadership through cutting-edge, unified technology, the toughest brands and the leading portfolio of value added services in the industry.

Housing a nation-wide system of contact centers and an unequalled fibre optic backbone of more than 10,000 kilometers, Jazz has spent billions of dollars in the country till date. It also runs never-ending nationwide connectivity, incomparable customer services and global roaming in over 150 countries.

As a liable unit, the company keenly funds education, health and environmental initiatives and encourages maintainable business practices.

Jazz offers special & bespoke tariff menus that endow customers and accommodate to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, from individuals to businessmen to corporate and multinationals.

Through its innovative services and products, Jazz is set to bring about a digital uprising that will support and transmute societies on the way to a more enlightened Pakistan.

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