Mobilink is able to save on travelling expenses and fuel costs with Mansha Brother’s video conferencing solutions - Connect, Secure & AutomateConnect, Secure & Automate

A Tech Startup by Mansha Brothers

Travelling to and from other cities, installation sites and other countries was a tedious task for the telecommunication company’s workforce. Time and resources that could have been allocated towards growth and development were being spent on fuel costs, travelling.

Mansha Brother’s video conferencing solutions changed things for the better, in the following ways:

  • Travelling expenses and fuel costs have been reduced to a large extent
  • Communication is improved and reinforced between clients, prospects and the multinational telecom company
  • Conferences and calls can be arranged with more than one client, at the same time

This has improved the firm’s workability, the productivity of the workforce and meetings can take place, without delays or incurring unnecessary expenses.

Furthermore, time spent on travelling can be allocated in a more useful and productive manner.

"I always thought my company would be the best in providing packaged solutions to clients, but Mansha Brothers has surely given me an idea that they are one of the leading solution providers for video conferencing in Pakistan. Impressed!! "

Shoaib Adil - Country Procurement Manager Mobilink

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