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A Tech Startup by Mansha Brothers

PTCL – Main HQ. Islamabad. (Govt organization)

PTCL was in search of a cost-effective way to store data, communicate with its workforce and keep client contact info on one platform. While computers proved to be useful to an extent, problems arose due to power shortages and load shedding.

Mansha Brother’s solution to the problems helped the company in the following ways:

  • It became easier for the telecom company to manage and store data.
  • Power shortages and load shedding didn’t pose a threat to the company or its operations.
  • Employers could communicate and interact with clients and prospects while tracking contact info.

"Mansha Brothers provided us with the perfect solution for our IT requirements in the first go. And to top it all, they met their deadlines - all work was done in the time specified. Really good work! "

Tariq Bangish - GM Procurement PTCL

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