Improved communication at Children’s Hospital due to PABXs! - Connect, Secure & AutomateConnect, Secure & Automate

A Tech Startup by Mansha Brothers

Being one of the largest paediatrics hospitals in Lahore, Children’s Hospital was in need of an effective communication system. Communication was becoming difficult due to the size and infrastructure of the premises.

Mansha Brother’s PABXs provided the company with an excellent solution. This has benefited the company in numerous ways:

  • Delays, inconveniences and inefficiencies can be avoided in time of emergencies.
  • Communication, with all departments, has become easier and effective.
  • Communication costs were reduced by a large margin.

All in all, the staff is able to communicate in an effective manner and at lower costs.

"I was beyond impressed with the quality of products installed and the service offered by Mansha Brothers! "

Dr. Rathorr - Medical Director

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