High Court judges can, now, conduct interviews with prisoners and criminals with video conferencing cameras! - Connect, Secure & AutomateConnect, Secure & Automate

A Tech Startup by Mansha Brothers

Prior to the introduction of Mansha Brother’s solutions, High Court judges were concerned about security & funds spent on travelling to and from prisons based in other cities such as Kot Luk Put. These judges had to meet with high-risk criminals who could not be granted bail or released for meetings or investigative purposes.

Mansha Brothers, a company that provides excellent security solutions, provided judges, law enforcement agencies and prisons with security cameras. These cameras have benefited these agencies in the following ways:

  • Fuel costs have been reduced by a large margin
  • Criminals can be interviewed and investigated via video conferences and meetings
  • It is possible to deliver justice in a fair manner
  • Criminals are given the chance to provide evidence and inform judges of new developments or changes, where their cases are concerned

This has also improved the workings of law enforcement agencies as they need not hire more guards to keep a watch on high-risk criminals and offenders.

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