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A Tech Startup by Mansha Brothers

A renowned bank in Pakistan, Askari Bank was facing concerns about better security solutions and having to hire more guards. Securing their premises and the lives of their esteemed customers and employees was also high priority, especially since lives had been lost and people injured during robberies, thefts and burglaries in the past.
Mansha Brothers’ automated security solutions have enabled the company to increase the quality of their security and reduce costs by a large margin at the same time. Here are a few benefits of the company’s security and surveillance solutions:

  • Security footage to help identify burglars
  • Secure premises for customers, visitors, employees and employers
  • Lower security risks
  • Funds being spent on guards can be allocated elsewhere

The automated security solutions have benefited the company’s security levels while minimizing security risks and costs, to a great extent, too.

"The kind of customer service that you would dream to have in Pakistan - Mansha Brothers takes the cake. Very well informed about the latest technology and the team is very professional as well. "

Fawad - Procurement Manager Askari Bank

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